Our Acupuncture Clinic

The Balance Acupuncture and Wellness Centre is a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic that utilises the most effective Acupuncture techniques available. We provide both a scientific understanding of the body combined with clinically tested traditional medicine, thousands of years old. We combine multiple theories for best results

Our Acupuncturists

Our Acupuncturists have completed at least 4 year Bachelor degrees specifically in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine. The title “Acupuncturist” is a protected title reserved to people that have completed these qualifications, however anyone can use the term “Acupuncture”. We have an understanding of Biomedicine, and Anatomy & Physiology

Acupuncturist Practitioners

Working with Allied Health

We are happy to work together with other health professionals and encourage clients to seek co-operative health care. We understand that other forms of medicine may be more suitable in certain situation and encourage other Allied Health professionals to contact us to let us know how they work and what they specialise in. This provides or broader level of service to our patients.