Acupuncture: An effective and safe alternative to treating chronic pain

The Acupuncture techniques at Balance Acupuncture and Wellness Centre, incorporates a combination of both scientific and traditional methods of Acupuncture, to create a highly effective form of natural medicine. Some of the systems we use are ancient, clinically tested techniques thousands of years old, derived from the I-Ching. Other techniques draw upon our modern understandings of anatomy, physiology and muscle mechanisms.

There are many techniques, which utilise an Acupuncture needle. For example the term Dry Needling is given to a method where typically a local muscle “twitch response” is elicited. Other systems rely on motor point feedback and stimulation. Whether it be “dry needling”, neuro-muscular”, traditional or medical styles of Acupuncture, a practitioner registered as an Acupuncturist is able to meld together various complex systems for the best treatment outcome.

We will individually access each patient and and combine various tehcniques that suit the patients comfort and condition at the time. Results can be seen remarkebly quickly depending on the type of condition. We pride ourselves on being an effective and results driven practise, guiding each person through the various stages of treatment, wherever that may be for each particular person